AR500 Steel Targets Features

The steel used to make these targets is AR500. This type of metal is a durable Abrasion Resistant steel. Due to AR500 steel’s hardness, it can withstand high impact stress, slide wear, rub wear and heavy wear even in low temperatures. The resilience of this material allows for various commercial usages including body armor and shooting targets. Considering the exceptional durability rating of these steel plates, shooting targets made of this material can last a long time and display less visible wear.

Durability of AR500 Steel TargetsAR500 Steel Targets

Targets produced from AR500 steel can last for years when handled properly. Always factor in the distance between your firearm and the target. Furthermore, each type of firearm has a suggested distance rating. Additionally, some bullets are capable of causing permanent damage to AR500 steel. Steel core and full metal jackets are ammo examples you should avoid testing versus the targets. To ensure the longevity of the targets, it is essential to understand how to use and handle accordingly. Improperly used targets will lose structure and shape over time. Small fissures, chippings or warping may be visible under those conditions. Importantly, defective steel shooting targets are not safe to use as they are considered a hazard. (Small pits and chips will occur with time on any steel target)


Target Set-ups

There are several ways to mount and hang AR500 targets, allowing for either fast setups or to build long standing shooting ranges. For instance, using a base, hanger, and 2×4 together allows for a portable and fast set up to mount your target of choice.  This same concept applies to some of the angle iron or t-post builds. Some people may even prefer mounting targets using bolts and a chain to fix to an over head post. Whether you choose to hang or stand these targets or use one of our base or hanger systems, there are a variety of setups to fit your preference.  We have spent countless hours designing bases and hanging systems to allow for proper target hanging that is easy to setup and take down or that can be left in place for years of enjoyment.