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Why You Should Own a .22 Caliber Rifle

Ask most hunters what they started shooting on, and they’ll likely tell you it was a rifle chambered for .22 LR. However, many of those hunters have abandoned the venerable .22 caliber for other rounds. The .22 caliber rifle is still a versatile and merit-worthy gun—a firearm [...]

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Building a Gun Range On Your Own Property

Building a home gun range is a great way to become a better shooter, and get more out of your firearms investment. Range fees can get expensive, especially memberships to outdoor ranges that have longer or more advanced firing lines. Even with most outdoor ranges, you aren’t [...]

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Tips to Stay Safe When Hunting

Tips to Stay Safe When Hunting Whether you hunt purely for sport or out of some necessity, hunting is an activity that many people participate in each year. While hunting is certainly enjoyable and a great way to bond with friends or family, a successful hunting trip [...]

Top Reasons for Firearm Training Before Going Hunting

Top Reasons for Firearm Training Before Going Hunting Going hunting is everything from a rite of passage for young men to putting food on the table for a family. To be a successful hunter, whether for sport or the meat, you don’t just grab a firearm and [...]