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Finding Everything You Need at the Gun Store

How to Get the Most From Shopping at a Gun Store While gun stores are best known for selling firearms, there is a range of other products that most gun stores will carry. Based on their unique market and products, these stores also have a number of [...]

The Benefits of Gun Ownership

The Benefits of Gun Ownership Owning a gun, learning to shoot it effectively, maintaining gun responsibility, and spending time at the range can be incredibly rewarding. You’ve purchased your new firearm, taken the required safety classes, and you’re ready to work your way through a bevy of [...]

Why Steel Targets Should be Your Target Choice

Why Steel Targets Should be Your Choice Some recreational shooting enthusiasts use paper targets. However, steel targets are now an option that many shooters are starting to go for. Choosing the best steel targets helps shooters purchase a steel target system that will last a long time and offer [...]

How Does Shooting a Firearm Make You Feel?

How Does Shooting a Firearm Make You Feel? Ask any shooting enthusiast to tell you about their first time firing a gun and they’ll likely say it was “granddad’s .22” or “my uncle’s deer rifle.” Sometimes you’ll find the first time an individual had an opportunity to [...]

Shooting Range Best Practices

Shooting Range Best Practices Whether you are a seasoned weapons expert or a rookie to the range, there are some general safety guidelines and useful tips that should be followed when handling firearms. Range instructors are there to help guide you and should be listened to at [...]

Shooting Tips for Better Accuracy

Whether you’re trying to tighten up your shot for competition or defense, or both, it’s a learning process every step of the way. Beginners and advanced marksmen can become more accurate by following these 5 shooting tips. Know your rifle Mastering your firearm of choice is the [...]

Proper Steel Target Shooting Safety

When hunting, engaging in shooting sports, or using a firearm in anyway, safety should always be your main concern. If you’re even the least bit experienced, you probably know the Cardinal Rules of Firearm Safety, as well as the importance of wearing proper personal protective equipment, such [...]