How to Improve Handgun Shooting Accuracy

Law enforcement, military, and security officials are not the only ones who can benefit from improving their aim when shooting a pistol. Those who chose to carry concealed, indulge in handgun related competitions and other hobbies can as well. Having a well placed aim is ideal no [...]

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Tips for Improving Long Range Shooting

For those riflemen or long distance shooters out there, you may be looking for ways to improve your long distance shooting. Most people only practice their short to medium range distance shooting which is still good as most self-defense situations will occur in short to mid-range. However, [...]

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Gun Cleaning Tips; Why Should You Clean Your Firearm After Each Use

To fine-tune your skills and gain experience and familiarity, you need to use your guns on the range as this is the safest spot. Whether you use firearms professionally or recreationally, the shooting range is used for those who want to improve their shooting attributes. Also, the [...]

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Building a Gun Range On Your Own Property

Building a home gun range is a great way to become a better shooter, and get more out of your firearms investment. Range fees can get expensive, especially memberships to outdoor ranges that have longer or more advanced firing lines. Even with most outdoor ranges, you aren’t [...]

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Responsible Firearm Ownership Part 5

Equipment We’ve now come to the final “step” to achieving firearm safety in the home: utilizing the available equipment to properly store and transport your firearm. Short Term Storage and Transport You have several options for securing your firearm in the short term and during transportation. Keep [...]

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Responsible Firearm Ownership Part 3

Education One of the fundamental components to safe and responsible firearm ownership is education. Be educated about how your firearm operates so that you can use it with confidence. Add training, cleaning, and safe storage, and you’re well on your way to being a responsible firearm owner. [...]

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