Responsible Firearm Ownership Part 5

Equipment We’ve now come to the final “step” to achieving firearm safety in the home: utilizing the available equipment to properly store and transport your firearm. Short Term Storage and Transport You have several options for securing your firearm in the short term and during transportation. Keep [...]

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Responsible Firearm Ownership Part 3

Education One of the fundamental components to safe and responsible firearm ownership is education. Be educated about how your firearm operates so that you can use it with confidence. Add training, cleaning, and safe storage, and you’re well on your way to being a responsible firearm owner. [...]

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Responsible Firearm Ownership Part 1

Become & Remain a Responsible Firearm Owner A surprising, but not so surprising, effect of a global event is the rise of people’s desire to protect themselves and their property. During natural disasters, pandemics or economic decline, there is usually an increase in people who exercise their [...]

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How Does Shooting a Firearm Make You Feel?

How Does Shooting a Firearm Make You Feel? Ask any shooting enthusiast to tell you about their first time firing a gun and they’ll likely say it was “granddad’s .22” or “my uncle’s deer rifle.” Sometimes you’ll find the first time an individual had an opportunity to [...]

Why You Should Own a .22 Caliber Rifle

Ask most hunters what they started shooting on, and they’ll likely tell you it was a rifle chambered for .22 LR. However, many of those hunters have abandoned the venerable .22 caliber for other rounds. The .22 caliber rifle is still a versatile and merit-worthy gun—a firearm [...]

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