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The Rock Solid base is designed to provide stability and the best shooting angle for the Hostage Situation Target. Follow the assembly instructions provided with the base to ensure proper setup. Make sure the base is placed on a flat and level surface for optimal performance.
Safety is paramount. When hanging the targets, ensure that they are placed at a safe distance from shooters and bystanders. Always follow the safety guidelines and rules of your shooting range. Additionally, double-check that the targets are securely fastened to prevent any unexpected movement during shooting.
Yes, you can use the Hostage Situation Target with most standard target stands. However, for the best experience and optimal angle, we recommend using the Rock Solid base, which is designed to work seamlessly with our target system.
The specific hardware you need may vary based on your setup, but generally, you’ll want strong hooks, chains, or target hangers to attach the target to your stand or mounting point. Always ensure that the hardware you choose can support the weight and impact of the target.

Targets mounted with a downward angle eliminate the possibility of a direct straight on hit.  As a result rounds are deflected downward into the ground and less heat is generated.  Since heat is the real cause of pitting in AR500 targets proper mounting will extend their lives and is safer for everyone.  We build our targets hanger and chain set to achieve proper target angles.

All our products can be returned within 14 days of purchase. Only unused targets can be returned. Buyer pays return shipping costs.

Most of the lead and copper deflects at 20 degrees. You must always wear safety glasses and set up the targets in a safe location. In general the bullets do not “bounce” back or ricochet. This doesn’t mean they never will, just that most of the bullets will fragment and deflect at 20 degrees.

Yes – AR500 targets work great for rimfire.

The min distance is 100 yards for 3/8” and 1/2” AR500 when using 55gr FMJ out of a 16″ barrel with a maximum muzzle velocity of 2800 fps. Keep in mind with 223/5.56 that some loads may be well over 2800 FPS. These loads should be used at longer ranges to prevent damage to the target.
We do not recommend shooting any steel core/solid copper bullets at the targets. Depending on the specific caliber they can do a lot of damage, or even shoot through the target. Shoot your steel core/solid copper bullets at paper targets. We do not cover damage due to steel core/solid copper bullets.
We offer Military and first responder discounts. In order to recieve the discount you must send proof of present or past service in order to receive a coupon code.  Send information to sh**@ar****************.com
We send coupon codes through the newsletter and Facebook. Please check Facebook under AR500steeltargets for any current codes. Coupon codes can not be combined or “stacked”, only one coupon code may be used per order. If an item is already discounted, no coupon codes are eligible for the already discounted product.
Yes – Make sure you use a valid email with the order. Also check your spam folder, the tracking numbers may go into a spam folder. We do not email tracking numbers on orders that shipped with the wrong email or missing emails.

In general 3-4 days, some may take up to 7 days. For more details please see the shipping page.

You could use 1/4″ but 3/8″ allows you to shoot with much larger rounds and your steel will last longer if those are all you shoot.

AR500 steel is a special alloy(varies by mill) of steel that is heat treated to a hardness of 500Bhn, mild steel is more or less melted down cars and is not heat treated. The hardness of mild steel can hardly be compared to AR500, is slightly harder than the keys on your key chain.

We have found AR500 grade steel to work great for both center fire handgun and rifle. Lower grades of steel can be dangerous and do not last as long.

Hanging the targets securely is essential for a safe and effective shooting experience. We recommend using a sturdy target stand or mounting system that’s designed to hold the Hostage Situation Target. Our Rock-Solid base is an excellent option for providing stability and the perfect angle for your target.
Depends on how good of hearing you have, but in general yes. Close handgun targets are loud and easy to hear. The further out you go the quieter they get. At several hundred yards a 223 can be hard to hear depending on the wind and hearing protection being used. Larger 30 cal will remain audible even at longer ranges.
Yes – We stand behind our products 100%. We however WILL NOT cover damages due to abuse. This includes shooting a target too close or using steel core or other hybrid core ammunition. We do not cover paint in our warranty. When shooting steel, the bullet fragments can chip the paint which can lead to rust. This is normal and is expected to happen. Our warranty does not cover misuse or abuse.  Reading the instructions provided with each order is up to you. If you need a copy of the instructions please email us. The warranty period is 90 days for wear items and 1 year on craftsmanship.

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