How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy
How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

How to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

If you are new to the sport of shooting and looking to improve your accuracy, there are several things you can do to improve your shot. Sometimes it simply takes time to get better, but you need to make sure you are doing the right things during that time to make the difference you’re looking for. AR500 Steel-Targets is here to share some tips to hopefully help you get the shot you are looking for.

Proper Handgun Grip & Stance

It is essential you have the right stance and grip on your firearm if you are going to be an accurate shooter. You need to find solid ground for your feet that are shoulder-width apart. As you hold your firearm, you should be leaning slightly forward. Hold your firearm with a tight, solid grip that will help you control the recoil and get you back on target as quickly as possible after shooting.

Dry Fire Training

Part of improving your marksman skills doesn’t always require firing live ammo. You can practice using dry fire which is shooting with an empty chamber or using a dummy round. It is important that you check with your gun to make sure that it is okay to shoot with an empty chamber before doing it.

Trigger Control & Finger Placement

When you are pulling the trigger, do it slowly. You will find that you have much more accuracy when you avoid jerking the trigger. The best time to practice this is with dry fire. While you don’t feel the recoil during dry fire, you will get a good feel for the pressure that you will need to get the trigger’s full press. The more you practice this, it will soon become muscle memory for you.

Competitive Shooting Games

There are several shooting games that can be highly beneficial in helping you with your accuracy. This can be fun when you are with a group of friends at the range. It can make things competitive and help you develop your quick-draw and other skills.

Use a Shot Timer

You can see how far you’ve come with the use of a shot timer. When using a shot timer, there are two settings to help you measure progress.
Comstock: This is a great option for live ammo at a shooting range.
Par Time: You can use this function when using dry fire at home as well as live ammo at the range.

Custom steel Targets Built With Quality AR500

The best way to improve your shot and accuracy is to spend significant time at the shooting range. Practice, practice, practice is going to help you more than anything else. Looking for a high quality AR500 Steel targets, the targets that are built by AR500 Steel-targets will give you the best in shooting performance to help you achieve your shooting goals. Start Shopping Now!

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