2×4 Target Hanger – 6″

2×4 Target Hanger – 6″

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Kick the fun up to another level by mounting your target and ring some steel yourself and get addicted. Whether you go with a gong, circle or silhouette steel target, it’s important to have a proper hooks. You can use your own, but AR500 Steel-Targets 2×4 Target Hanger are made to fit our products.

Optional Targets:2×4 leg stand, all of our gong, circle and silhouette targets.


Sick of dealing with broken chains and straps?  Our Target Hangers are made of 3/8” Ar500 Steel.  Target Hangers come in various lengths: 3”, 6” and 9”. Target hangers slide over a 2×4 and then you can easily hang targets from the hooks. 


  •  (1) 3/8″ AR500 2×4 Target Hanger – 6″

Safety Info

Bear in mind misuse of firearms can result in bodily harm.

  • As always safety first, shooters and spectators should ALWAYS wear proper hearing and eye protection while shooting.
  • Do not shoot targets with steel jacketed, steel core, armor piercing rounds of any kind.
  • If it’s not lead and copper it’s not made to shoot steel .
  • Soft points, hard cast lead, was cutters and hollow points are all great choices for shooting steel.
  • Don’t use any steel that’s visibly damaged or deformed.
  • Buyer assumes ALL responsibility for the use and misuse of steel targets.
  • ALL targets ship Unpainted or primed

Our targets are designed to withstand centerfire handgun (magnum handgun may need to be further) use at 12 yards or further and up to a .308 at 100 yards or further, up to 3000 FPS at impact.

FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $50

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