8″ Single Slot Circle Target

8″ Single Slot Circle Target


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Our 8″ Single Slot Circle Targets are 3/8” or 1/2″ AR500 and easy to set up and made to hang in several different ways check out our options below.  Works great with our 2×4 leg brackets and 2×4 hangers.

Optional hangers/stands: Target Hangers (sold in various sizes) on a 2×4, or it can be mounted on a Single Hook Angle Iron, Single Hook T-Post or Single Hook 2×4 Hanger (all sold separately).

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8" single shot circle steel target


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Product Description

Tame the Tight Zone: AR500 Steel 8″ Single Slot Circle Target

Sharpen your focus and conquer small targets with the AR500 Steel 8″ Single Slot Circle Target! This innovative design combines a familiar 8-inch circle with a central slot, forcing you to develop pinpoint accuracy and unwavering concentration.

Challenge Accepted, Accuracy Achieved:

  • Small Target, Big Reward: The 8-inch diameter with a central slot demands precise shot placement, ideal for pushing your accuracy to the limit and making every bullseye a significant accomplishment.
  • Pistol Perfection: This size is ideal for close-range pistol practice, helping you master sight alignment, trigger control, and follow-through within a tight aiming zone.
  • Develop Laser Focus: The limited target area forces intense concentration on the bullseye, improving your overall shooting focus and mental discipline.

Built Like a Champ, Ready for Anything:

Constructed from the trusted AR500 steel, this target can handle intense training sessions without flinching:

  • Unmatched Durability: Can handle thousands of rounds from your favorite pistols (check target specifications for caliber limitations).
  • Instant Feedback: The satisfying CLANG of a bullseye through the slot lets you know exactly where your shots land, allowing for real-time adjustments and immediate improvement.
  • Compact Design: Highly portable and easy to transport to the range or set up in your backyard for convenient practice sessions.

Perfect for:

  • Developing razor-sharp accuracy with pistols at close range
  • Mastering shot placement under pressure within a confined aiming zone
  • Incorporating a challenging yet rewarding element to your handgun training regimen
  • Seasoned shooters looking to push their boundaries and refine precision

Embrace the challenge and order your AR500 Steel 8″ Single Slot Circle Target today!


  • (1) 3/8″ Single Slot Circle Target – 8″ or
  • (1) 1/2″  Single Slot Circle Target – 8″

Safety Info

Bear in mind misuse of firearms can result in bodily harm.

  • As always safety first, shooters and spectators should ALWAYS wear proper hearing and eye protection while shooting.
  • Do not shoot targets with steel jacketed, steel core, armor piercing rounds of any kind.
  • If it’s not lead and copper it’s not made to shoot steel .
  • Soft points, hard cast lead, was cutters and hollow points are all great choices for shooting steel.
  • Don’t use any steel that’s visibly damaged or deformed.
  • Buyer assumes ALL responsibility for the use and misuse of steel targets.
  • ALL targets ship Unpainted or primed

Our targets are designed to withstand centerfire handgun (magnum handgun may need to be further) use at 12 yards or further and up to a .308 at 100 yards or further, up to 3000 FPS at impact.

FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $150

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