Texas Star


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One try on the Texas Star you and all your buddies will be hooked.  This is one of our most challenging and fun targets.  Once you shoot the first paddle off the arm, the wheel starts to rotate.  Now you just have to try to keep up with the moving targets.  As you hit each one the wheel may speed up, slow down or even change direction.  Each shot creates a new challenge.  Who can shoot all 5 paddles off fastest.

All 5 paddles can be put back on in about 30 seconds.  Simple push spring lever on back of arm slide stem target into socket on back of arm and release lever.  Super simple, super fun.

* Warning may become addictive, anything that is this much fun almost has to be illegal.

Optional: 6” or 8” paddles.


Our Texas Star target draws alot of attention.  Are you intimidated by it or just want to try it?  Either way our Texas Star Target is different than others, our arms are angled pieces of 3/8″ AR500 instead of flat.   This is a gravity activated target, shoot and knock off one of the lower targets to get it spinning.   Most other use angle iron and it will will tear up with time.   The angled pieces make it more rigid and deflects fragments better.  Sealed bearing and covered bearing box.   All paddles and arms are 3/8″ AR500 target assembled is 59″ wide, 5’9″ tall and 28″ deep.

The Texas Star comes with the Rock Solid Base and your choice of 6″ or 8″ paddles.


Safety Info

Bear in mind misuse of firearms can result in bodily harm.

  • As always safety first, shooters and spectators should ALWAYS wear proper hearing and eye protection while shooting.
  • Do not shoot targets with steel jacketed, steel core, armor piercing rounds of any kind.
  • If it’s not lead and copper it’s not made to shoot steel .
  • Soft points, hard cast lead, was cutters and hollow points are all great choices for shooting steel.
  • Don’t use any steel that’s visibly damaged or deformed.
  • Buyer assumes ALL responsibility for the use and misuse of steel targets.
  • ALL targets ship Unpainted or primed

Our targets are designed to withstand centerfire handgun (magnum handgun may need to be further) use at 12 yards or further and up to a .308 at 100 yards or further, up to 3000 FPS at impact.

FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $150

Reactive Targets

As the name suggests, reactive targets react when they are hit. The reaction can be seen, heard, or both. Training with a reactive target makes marksmen learn up to 10% faster as the shooter starts to associate the target’s reaction with the positive event of hitting the target. The body stores the sequence of muscle movements that brought about the positive experience, making learning easier.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 70.8 × 59 × 28 in

6 Paddles, 8 Paddles, Both