Protect Your Family

Everyone in your household benefits from you having a firearm for self-defense. Everyone may also enjoy this new-found hobby as you all go to the range and spend time shooting together.

If you have children in your home, then it is necessary to take extra precautions for them and their friends when they come over. Your children may know about firearm safety, but it’s safest to assume their friends do not.

With children spending more time at home and parents assuming the role of educators, there has never been a better time to talk with your kids about firearm safety. Be sure your family understands the safety rules and that firearms and ammo should always be stored responsibly when not in use.

Although the number of fatal firearm accidents is at historic lows, such accidents are almost always preventable. Are you confident that your family is protected from potential accidents with your new firearm?

In order to Live Confidently, you need to be confident in the tools you use. Gain confidence in your firearm knowledge and competency in your firearm training.

Get started by spending some time learning the things included in this series of articles to ensure that you’re protecting your family before you ever need to defend them. Make sure they’re aware that you have firearms in your home, and if age appropriate, that they also receive some training on firearm safety protocols. If they were to come across an unattended firearm, you would want them to know how to properly respond.

AR500 Steel-Targets has simplified Responsible Firearm Safety into three primary components:

  • Education
  • Training & Practice
  • Equipment

Within this three-part framework are the tools you’ll need in order to practice firearm safety and become a responsible firearm owner. If you are an experienced firearm owner, then allow this to be a good refresher for you to ensure that you continue to Live Confidently! Please watch for Part 3 of the series and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.