Safety Rules For Steel Targets

  • Always follow all firearms safety rules at all times when shooting.
  • Always use certified eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with side shields and ear protection.
  • Pistol Distance: 10 yards minimum distance from the target; Maximum 1,500 fps lead ammo
    NOTE: IDPA Rule 2.15 requires steel targets be engaged at 10 yards or more.
  • Rifle Distance: 100 yards minimum distance from the target; Depends on rifle, caliber & ammo; Maximum 3,000 fps.
    NOTE: Back up until bullet speed is generally below 2,850 fps at the target to avoid pitting; If a bullet leaves a mark, increase your distance from the target.
  • Do not shoot armor-piercing, steel core/steel jacket, solid copper bullets, or other hardened bullets. Do not weld or modify plate.
  • Shoot steel targets straight on, not at steep angles; Consider many uncontrollable directions and dangers of flat steel splatters (your decision).
  • Ensure target face is angled downward so bullet splatter can be directed toward the ground.
  • Watch for ricochets; Shoot at longer distances to prevent damage to the target.
    NOTE: Bullets can deflect and go in unknown and unpredictable directions; Bullets can penetrate the wrong type of target.
  • Never Shoot BBs, pellets, or Air Soft at thicker targets, since they do not have sufficient force to splatter and will bounce back.
  • Shoot frangible ammo on steel to generate less fragmentation, but regular jacketed handgun ammo may also be considered (your decision).
  • Bullet lead splatter may be hot; do not use in dry grass due to fire risk; Use caution
  • If the target becomes bent, cratered or damaged in any way, replace it.
  • Shoot steel targets at your own risk; Make your own smart choices and decisions.
  • Use hangers and stands that allow proper target angles or allow them to move freely to reduce the chance of being hit by fragments.

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