Steel Target Types and What They Are Best For

For someone who is enthusiastic about target shooting; practice and finding the right targets to practice on is probably one of the things on your to-do list. When it comes to looking for practice targets, different people have different preferences however there are many who swear by steel targets.

If you’re looking for the right kind of steel target to suit your needs, this blog is for you!

AR500 Steel Target Types and Their Benefits 

As a company that manufactures AR500 steel targets locally in the US offering them for sale to customers online, we have some information you might find helpful. Here are some AR500 steel target designs as well as a bit on what they are best suited for.

Tension Mount Targets

Tension mount targets are available in designs which include squares, circles and silhouettes. These targets are ideal for those who wish to practice rapid fire as the tension mount systems disperse energy bringing the target back to its original position quickly.

Swinging Targets 

Swinging target types may include gongs, plates as well as silhouettes. Again, like tension mount targets, swinging targets allow for the steel target to swing back into place and for energy to be dispersed. Where smaller swinging targets are suited to pistol practice, long range and rifle shooting practice is best done using larger steel gong target types.

Popper Targets

If you’re looking to improve aim, speed and tactical handling you might need targets that offer a little more than simple energy dispersal. Popper targets are ideal for this purpose. Also made from AR500 steel and offering the same durability, these targets are cut to match size and shape as IDPA popper targets and are a great option for action pistol practice.

Keeping with Quality

There are other target types and target options that we offer for you to look into. Some things you could keep in mind before you choose is the range at which you’re shooting, your choice of firearm and round caliber.

The targets we manufacture are locally made and military grade guaranteeing that they will serve the purpose you require them to. If you want to check out some of the target options we have available or want more information on our target types, we’d be happy to help.

Remember, think of what you need before you buy, and don’t go for anything but the best! Happy target shooting folks.