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Earmuffs: Choosing the Right Type for Shooting Targets

Statistics show that gunfire is one of the most hazardous non-occupational noises that Americans are exposed to on a regular basis. In fact, a single shot can lead to both immediate and/or permanent hearing loss. It can also cause tinnitus, which includes the following symptoms: hissing, ringing [...]

First Trip to the Shooting Range: Tips for the First Time Shooter

Slightly less than one-third of Americans (31 percent) have never fired a gun. Are you part of this group? Many people who lack experience with a gun want to learn, they’re just not sure how to go about it. If you’re interested in learning to fire a gun, [...]

Why Steel Targets Should be Your Target Choice

Why Steel Targets Should be Your Choice Some recreational shooting enthusiasts use paper targets. However, steel targets are now an option that many shooters are starting to go for. Choosing the best steel targets helps shooters purchase a steel target system that will last a long time and offer [...]

Shooting Range Best Practices

Shooting Range Best Practices Whether you are a seasoned weapons expert or a rookie to the range, there are some general safety guidelines and useful tips that should be followed when handling firearms. Range instructors are there to help guide you and should be listened to at [...]

Shooting Tips for Better Accuracy

Whether you’re trying to tighten up your shot for competition or defense, or both, it’s a learning process every step of the way. Beginners and advanced marksmen can become more accurate by following these 5 shooting tips. Know your rifle Mastering your firearm of choice is the [...]

10 Essential Items to Pack in Your Shooting Range Backpack

You could go to your local shooting range and there rent all the equipment and you need. However, doing it like this is going to cost a premium, especially if shooting is one of your favorite hobbies. Rather than going that route, it would be far better to build your [...]

Guideline for Shooting Targets on Public Lands

Guideline for Shooting Targets on Public Lands Some states allow the public to shoot steel targets on public lands. Before shooters head out to their nearby public land management areas, it is important to check each states’ rules and regulations. Generally, areas that are open for shooting [...]

Firearm Words of Wisdom from Law Enforcement

Firearm Words of Wisdom from Law Enforcement While many of us own firearms for collection or more recreational purposes, there are those individuals who use them as part of their employment. For law enforcement and security personnel, firearms are part of their uniform. Handling these objects on [...]

Top Reasons for Firearm Training Before Going Hunting

Top Reasons for Firearm Training Before Going Hunting Going hunting is everything from a rite of passage for young men to putting food on the table for a family. To be a successful hunter, whether for sport or the meat, you don’t just grab a firearm and [...]