For those riflemen or long distance shooters out there, you may be looking for ways to improve your long distance shooting. Most people only practice their short to medium range distance shooting which is still good as most self-defense situations will occur in short to mid-range. However, to complete your firearms training as well as to work on your long distance shooting skills, Ar500 Steel-Targets would like to share a few training tips.

Understanding Point of Impact

The point of impact is a term referring to the place the bullet will land once the trigger is pulled. When shooting long distances it is important to know that when a bullet travels through the air, it travels on an arc. It is a common misconception that bullets travel in a straight line but this is not so. The longer the distance, the bigger the arc of the bullets. Long range for a handgun is about 25 yards (75 feet) and a rifle is about 200 yards (600 feet). To properly study the point of impact and your firearm’s arc, begin making a record of your grouping and the point of impact. This will require targets that make it easier to record your grouping. If your grouping is off every time, you will know if there is an issue either in your stance, breathing, or the firearm’s sights.

Practice Firing Long Range Weapon

If you want to improve your long distance shooting skills, you must be prepared to make that investment. The only way to improve your long distance shooting is with time and rounds spent at the range. When buying ammunition for frequent and long practice sessions, don’t invest in expensive rounds. Cheaper rounds mean more practice. Don’t invest in hollow point or full metal jacket rounds. Basic brass rounds will help save you money on your ammunition. Another way to make your rounds more affordable is to reload your ammunition. Reloading ammunition is not for an amateur. If you want to save money on rounds by reloading your own ammo, you will need to take reloading courses and invest in the reloading equipment. If you make the decision to reload your own ammo, even with those it will take time and an investment. However, you can save money on ammo.

Firearm Performance

When you want to improve your long distance shooting it is important to know your firearm and its capabilities. Short barrel rifles or pistols are not designed for accuracy over long distance, where long barrel rifles are. When you want to improve your long distance shooting, set a goal and know your firearm and make sure they are compatible. If you want to shoot with accuracy at 600 feet, you don’t want a short barrel rifle or pistol. It’s not going to happen. If you own an AR-15, it has a shorter barrel and is accurate about 20 yards or 60 feet. They are an urban designed firearm or for home defense. This is just an example. When you want to shoot long distances, research your firearm and its capabilities, then set your long distance goals. If you want to shoot further than your firearm is capable of, then it’s time to seek a new firearm.

Custom Steel Targets for Practice & Training

There are so many ways to improve your long distance shooting. However, it all starts with practice and quality steel targets.