If you’ve recently purchased a firearm and a lock, safe or vault to store it, then it’s time to think about where to place it in your home. There are a few things to consider about the actual location, but please remember to store them securely. Deciding on the location is simply based on your preferences, application and comfort level.

Easy Access for Defense


Many firearm owners use their firearms for home defense, so it should be easily accessible if a situation arises. The time it takes between when you’re alerted to potential danger, to when you’re armed is crucial. However, keeping guns unsecured around the house, even if you live by yourself, could mean that these firearms get in the hands of an intruder. The ideal storage of your firearms is done securely, somewhere nearby, out of sight, yet still easy to access and unlock.

  • Consider storing your firearm in your living room and, or your bedroom – any room where you spend a good amount of time
  • A biometric safe (opens based on your fingerprints) or RFID (radio-frequency identification) vault or trigger guard provides quicker access vs. combo or lock vault
  • If you have a safe which requires a key or RFID card/bracelet ensure those are located nearby as well, to quickly retrieve them and unlock the safe

Concealed Placement


To conceal your firearm(s) within your home, there are several options to consider. We recommend all family members, including children, should know where the firearm(s) is located and educated on proper firearm safety.

  • Furniture with hidden compartments or drawers
  • Bookcases where safes/vaults are made to look like books
  • Ensure the firearm is out of sight, and if you have younger children it’s best to keep it out of reach
Where to Store Your Firearm in Your Home 1

How about Long Guns?

Where to Store Your Firearm in Your Home 2

Use a safe or cabinet for long guns or if you have many firearms, which usually is placed in a basement, study or closet. For self-defense, lockable long gun cases can provide speedy access. A hall closet behind coats or under a dresser are options to consider.

  • In a closet perhaps on a gun rack for accessibility but out of reach of children
  • Locker, safe or gun cabinet nearby for quick access
  • Under nightstand, bed or side table
Where to Store Your Firearm in Your Home 3

While we understand no two households are the same, there are similarities when it comes to the proper storage of your home defense firearms. Namely ensuring your firearms are securely stored in a nearby location so you’re able to access them in a threatening situation. Coupled with educating yourself and your family members about the firearms can give the sense of security to ensure you live confidently.

We hope you found this article helpful. Please let us know what steps you take to securely store your firearms in the comments below!