Which Gun Safe is Right for You?

We all know the safety and security of our family and loved ones is a high priority, and many choose to purchase firearms for that purpose. Possessing firearms around small children or the danger of theft makes a gun safe the best place to put your ammunition, firearms, and cleaning kits.

There are is a large assortment of gun safes that range in size, style, and security level. Choosing the right safe will be determined by your collection of firearms, their size and purpose, and how safe you want your weapons to be. For example, for a small pistol you carry in an ankle holster, you will not need a biometric rifle safe.

The number of firearms you intend to keep in the safe should be determined before deciding which gun safe you would like to purchase. You’ll want to make sure you have enough room to comfortably situation each of your firearms within the safe without piling them on top of one another. Safes are made to hold a variety of firearms, and forcing too many into the cabinet of the safe is not an effective way to store them.

Of course, you will not need to store every firearm you own. There are the ones carried for daily use, which a small stackable safe can be used to keep out of reach from small children or intruders, and those will not be included in the number of weapons going into the safe. Take into consideration hunting seasons and when you’ll be removing the firearms to best determine the order in which you would like them stored.

If you have a number of collectible rifles that are worth a small fortune, you are going to want more than an easy access lock and key safe. There are a range of biometric safes that ensure only you can access your firearms. There are fingerprint gun safes, as well as fireproof safes to keep the ammunition and weapons inside well protected.

There are a number of portable gun safes that you have have fit to your car, truck, or SUV if you live in a state that allows Conceal & Carry. This allows you to keep your weapon close at hand and in a safer place than a glove compartment.

Owning firearms is a responsibility and keeping those firearms safe is a big part of that responsibility. Gun safes are the best way to make sure that both your family and firearms are well protected.