Why Do Law Enforcement/Security Officers Use a Shooting Range?

Many people use our targets at the shooting range because they enjoy shooting or for the security that comes from being prepared to defend yourself and your loved ones, but for people who have law enforcement/security careers, practicing shooting is an important job-related skill. While everyone benefits from formal firearms training, it is a great way for law enforcement/security personnel to specifically train to improve any weaknesses they have identified in their skillset with firearms.

When you are at the range for training, it is important to remember the following:

  • Decide on your goals first and stay focused on those goals throughout training.
  • Keep your intent and purpose in mind for your entire training session with each round you release.
  • Push your perceived limits to increase your speed, accuracy and confidence.
  • Remember to seek out professional guidance from firearms instructors. They may be able to recognize problems or bad habits you didn’t even know you had, while helping you diagnose and correct these problems and give you new ideas to improve.

For anyone planning on using firearms, it is crucial to have regular training, but this is even more important for those in the law enforcement/security field. Not only does your firearms training have to be regular to maintain and improve your skills, it needs to be relevant to your job needs and realistic to what you might encounter in the field. A firearms instructor can help you plan a course of instruction perfectly suited to meet your needs, helping you make good decisions in critical moments.