Why Steel Targets Should be Your Choice

Some recreational shooting enthusiasts use paper targets. However, steel targets are now an option that many shooters are starting to go for. Choosing the best steel targets helps shooters purchase a steel target system that will last a long time and offer a long-lasting training tool.

Here are 4 ways steel targets beat its paper counterpart:


Steel targets provide an immediate response which makes them an excellent training aid. The instant ‘ringing’ sound and the visual cue confirm when the bullet hits the target. This means that the shooter can immediately identify mistakes and take corrective action. The immediate observation helps shooters improve their game.

Longer Practice Session

No doubt traditional paper targets have been a great way of practicing, but constantly having to fix the target or replace it isn’t the most fun part of shooting practice. But with steel targets, we don’t have to worry about these things. Sturdy and strong, a steel target is designed for thousands of shots and stand for a long time.

Cost Effective

No doubt steel targets are a relatively expensive purchase. But for someone who is passionate about the sport and shoots often, steel targets are more of an investment than an expense. Think about it. If and when used according to the directions of the manufacturer, steel targets are expected to last tens of thousands of rounds. And if one intends to use the targets against pistols only, it is probably going to last a lifetime. So, it is really worth all the money.

Durability and Safety

Steel targets are cost effective for a reason; they are durable and long lasting. That’s why they’re the appealing choice for competition settings.

That being said, not all steel targets would do. Any steel softer than AR500 steel target can deform or allow projectile to penetrate the target when used as a rifle target. AR500, however, will remain in good condition even after repeated impacts, provided the directions are followed. In addition to maintaining its original form, this steel target also disintegrates the bullet as it hits the target which reduces the projectiles beyond the target (as long as you hit it).

Public shooting ranges and personal practice ranges are now starting to replace their old targets with steel ones. It’s time for you to follow in their footsteps and get one for yourself too.

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