Warrant /Return Policy

100% Money Back Guarantee – So Buy With Confidence

AR500 Steel-Targets our goal is to put a smile on every customers face.   You may return your target to AR500 Steel-Targets if it is not what you thought or was hoping for as long as it has not been shot, at buyers expense.  We will refund 100% of purchase price so buy with confidence.

We will give warranty claims on all targets that fail due to workmanship or targets which fail to meet required hardness spec of 475-525 (500+ or 5%).  TargetsWarranty/Return Policy 1 returned for hardness within 30 days of purchase.  Targets returned for workmanship up to 1 year. Return shipping is at buyers expense.  For returns where hardness or workmanship is suspected please include details of the situation leading to suspected failure.  Include photos of mounting, set up, distance and load details, speed (FPS), weight caliber and bullet materials.

To be eligible for a return target must be used within our posted usage guidelines and not been shot with improper bullets or at speeds greater than 3000fps.  If AR500 Steel-Targets confirms that the unaltered target fails to meet the required hardness spec a replacement will be shipped to you with a credit towards your shipping cost to us.  If your target passed the hardness test we will reship your target back to you at your expense.  If your target fails please email us first (we might be able to make claim with pictures only.  This will be determined by AR500 Steel-Targets).

Just remember shooting any of AR500 Steel-Targets targets with steel jacketed, steel core, incendiary, armor piercing rounds of any kind will void any warranty and may result in damage to the target and increased risk of ricochet.  If it’s not lead and copper it’s not ment to shoot steel.  Soft points, hard cast lead, wadcutters and hollow points are all great choices for shooting steel.

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