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Nothing beats blowing off some steam like firing off some rounds at a steel target.

All targets can be ordered in 1/4”, 1/2” or 3/8” AR500 Steel. All our targets now are priced for 3/8” Ar500 Steel. Please message for pricing.

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75+ Years of Combined Experience

in fabricating, welding, and designing metal

Generations of avid hunters and shooters are the heart and bones of AR500 Steel-Targets. Time spent at the range in preparation for hunting season, competition shoots, tactile training, safety training, or just for fun is a tradition that has been passed down in our family generation after generation. When you spend countless hours at the range, it doesn’t take long to start forming opinions about the different steel targets that are currently available. After time, we began to notice that our conversations, while we were leaving the range, were centered more around our frustrations with the unaffordable and inferior steel targets we were shooting at than the guns we were shooting with.


Shooting steel targets is like freedom ringing through the air. The “ping ping” of ringing steel is much more enjoyable than punching holes in paper. It provides an audible response to your shooting so you know which shots hit and miss. It really is difficult to fully describe how fun shooting steel is with just words. The best thing is to ring some steel yourself and get addicted. Check out our Facebook page for updates, promotions and more.

How do we guarantee that we have quality AR500 steel targets?

An integral part of our steel target fabricating process is the testing period. We bring out the other members of our tactical training groups and shoot at our targets with the sole purpose of trying to destroy them. Thousands of rounds hit our steel targets on testing day. We collect feedback from other avid shooters, and redesign the target until it can withstand the test of time and bullets. This is an essential part of designing a quality steel target, and the missing piece to targets that are currently on the market.

Steel Target Guarantee

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Are you ready to take your target range skills to the next level? Check out these steel target sets designed for serious target training and have a blast while doing so. Target sets includes everything you need to work on making every shot count when counting on it.  Shooting steel isn’t just more fun; it’s also a great way to enhance the effectiveness of your firearms training. Immediately knowing whether you hit the target or not allows you to identify and correct bad habits as they occur. As far as getting into targets, gongs and circle targets are a staple and reactive targets are just plain fun.  Plus if you need to take it on the road, you’ll also need a way to set it up.

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