Big Pig Steel Target

Big Pig Steel Target

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Introducing the Big Pig Steel Target – your ultimate solution for an exhilarating shooting experience! Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this steel target is a must-have for shooting enthusiasts and professional marksmen alike. Made from robust AR500 steel, this target measures an impressive 36″ x 18″, providing you with an ample surface area for perfecting your shooting skills.

The Big Pig Steel Target is engineered to withstand the most demanding shooting sessions, ensuring unrivaled durability and longevity. Its construction from AR500 steel, known for its exceptional hardness and toughness, guarantees resistance to impact and deformation, allowing the target to endure countless rounds without compromising its structural integrity.

Original price was: $355.00.Current price is: $319.50.

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Product Description

The target’s large size and pig-shaped design add a touch of fun to your shooting experience, making every session enjoyable and engaging. Whether you’re honing your accuracy or practicing rapid-fire shooting, the Big Pig Steel Target will deliver an audible and satisfying clang with each hit, providing instant feedback and enhancing your shooting confidence.

Versatile and suitable for various calibers, this 36″ x 18″ AR500 steel target is ideal for rifle and handgun shooting, making it an excellent addition to your outdoor shooting range, backyard setup, or professional training facility.

Upgrade your shooting sessions with the Big Pig Steel Target – a robust, durable, and exciting target that brings a new level of challenge and enjoyment to your shooting endeavors. Perfect your skills, increase your accuracy, and have a blast with every pull of the trigger. Invest in the Big Pig Steel Target today and take your shooting experience to the next level!

Why Choose the Big Pig Steel Target?

1. Made from premium-grade AR500 steel for exceptional longevity and resistance.
2. Realistic turkey shape adds an exciting challenge to your shooting sessions.
3. Generous size of 36″ x 18″ provides a robust target surface to practice with.
4. Smooth edges and convenient mounting holes ensure easy and safe setup.
5. Suitable for both rifle and handgun shooting, catering to various shooting preferences.
6. Ideal for hunters, sport shooters, and anyone looking to improve their marksmanship skills.
7. Elevate your shooting experience with this top-tier steel target.

Take your shooting skills to the next level and embrace the thrill of hitting the mark with our Big Pig Steel Target. Invest in quality, durability, and enjoyment with this precision-crafted shooting companion. Get yours today and experience shooting like never before!

Our 12″ Square targets are 3/8” or 1/2″ AR500, easy to set up and made to hang in several different ways.   Check out our options below.  Works great with our 2×4 leg brackets and 2×4 hangers.

Optional hangers/stands: Target Hangers (sold in various sizes) on a 2×4, or it can be mounted on a Single Hook Angle Iron, Single Hook T-Post or Single Hook 2×4 Hanger (all sold separately).

Safety Info

Bear in mind misuse of firearms can result in bodily harm.

  • As always safety first, shooters and spectators should ALWAYS wear proper hearing and eye protection while shooting.
  • Do not shoot targets with steel jacketed, steel core, armor piercing rounds of any kind.
  • If it’s not lead and copper it’s not made to shoot steel .
  • Soft points, hard cast lead, was cutters and hollow points are all great choices for shooting steel.
  • Don’t use any steel that’s visibly damaged or deformed.
  • Buyer assumes ALL responsibility for the use and misuse of steel targets.
  • ALL targets ship Unpainted or primed

Our targets are designed to withstand center fire handgun (magnum handgun may need to be further) use at 12 yards or further and up to a .308 at 100 yards or further, up to 3000 FPS at impact.

FREE Shipping on All Orders Over $150




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